The goal of OpenMicroSim is to provide a non-proprietary xml file schema to record the evolution of individual objects.

The main application targeted by OpenMicroSim is the exchange of simulation results between software programs. OpenMicroSim can be useful to exchange data from one simulation software A to another simulation software B that needs to take into account the results of A for its own calculation. Another possible application is to open the simulation results into a visualization tool.

OpenMicroSim specifies a data structure for recording the evolution of entities. It was attempted to keep the format of the data as flexible as possible to allow recording of any type of simulation. In addition it provides data types to record the spatial position and temporal information of the entities present in a simulation.

 OpenMicroSim Version 0.3
 Schema File

 Schema documentation

 Registered Software Applications

Software Title Type of Support Detail of the support Contact Web Site
Forum 8 Co. Ltd.
UC-win/Road Ver. 3.04
Import/Export Support of the OpenMicroSim format in UC-winRoad email

To register your application please send the following to us at

For Export Support:
    - At least one sample file representative of the export function of your application.
    - Any kind of document explaining the content of the export function.

For Import Support:
    - A description of the import function.
    - Any kind of document demonstrating this function.

 Sample File

Software Name Sample Files
Forum 8 Co., Ltd. UC-win/Road Ver. 3.04 MicroSimSample.xml

 Software Product Information
- UC-win/Road

- UC-win/Road Micro Simulation Player


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